About company

The PANLUX s.r.o. company was founded in 1998 in the Czech Republic. Initially a trading company, it has started its own production soon after its founding. Nowadays it belongs among leading manufacturers and distributors of luminaires in central Europe with branches in Slovakia, Hong Kong and large logistic centre in the Czech Republic. This fact allows its customers to receive their orders in the shortest possible time.

The PANLUX s.r.o. company offers a wide variety of luminaires for your interiors and exteriors, like home, office, industrial, garden, worklights and design lighting. We also offer various bulbs: halogens, metal halides, CFL, energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs and other accessories such as sensors, LED drivers, transformers, flashlights, headlights, wireless doorbells, etc.

As the interest in Czech products quickly increases, we have expanded distribution of our products around the world. Nowadays we supply our products to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Malta, and Iceland. The PANLUX s.r.o. company is also an exclusive distributor of LEDMED brand, which products can also be ordered via our e-shop.


Luminaires suitable for illumination of your house or flat, e.g. living room, kitchen, bedroom, children´s room, work and study room or bathroom.

  • furniture lighting
  • decorative lighting
  • built-in luminaires
  • table lamps for your desk or bedside

Interior luminaires suitable for offices, conference rooms or even dental surgeries etc.

  • surface, wall and ceiling-mounted luminaires
  • built-in luminaires
  • table lamps
  • spotlights and track lighting systems

Luminaires suitable for the illumination of storages, workshops, offices, etc.

  • emergency lighting
  • wide range of wall and ceiling-mounted luminaires
  • luminaires with sensors
  • dust-proof luminaires with high IP rating
  • reflectors / floodlights

Outdoor lighting adds a new dimension to gardens.

  • classic and modern garden luminaire
  • pole luminaires
  • recessed luminaires for outdoor facades
  • wall-mounted luminaires
  • ride-over luminaires
  • twilight sensor for automatic switching of your garden lighting

Lights suitable for use in garages, sheds or car repair shops.

  • work lamps in bulb, halogen, CFL and LED versions
  • work lamps with cable
  • rechargeable work lamps
  • battery-operated work lamps
  • PROFI series – shock-resistant lamps with the polycarbonate tube
  • some lamps can be mounted on stands
  • Bulbs
  • Halogens
  • Metal halides
  • CFL
  • Energy saving lamps
  • LED lamps (High Power LED, SMD a COB technology, etc.)
  • twilight and motion sensors
  • magnetic and electronic ballasts
  • transformers and LED drivers
  • wireless doorbells
  • night illumination for children´s rooms
  • flashlights
  • headlights

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